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Latest Update : 2022-09-19

Please read the regulations for library card applications in Tainan City public libraries.

Please read the regulations for book borrowing in Tainan City public libraries.
  1. Follow the Xinying Cultural Center Venue Usage and Management Guidelines and related venue usage instructions and regulations.
  2. Please read the venue application system “Xinying Cultural Center Venue Usage and Management Guidelines” on our website.
  1. Application period: Exhibition hall booking applications for the following year are open from June 1 to June 30 of the current year.
  2. Application items: Solo exhibitions, joint exhibitions, and group exhibitions (applicants who have hosted a solo exhibition or joint exhibition at the Xinying Cultural Center must wait for two years before applying again. However, this rule does not apply if the works exhibited by the applicant at the exhibitions belong to different categories or if the applicant is an art group)
  3. Review period:
    Applications are reviewed and processed before the end of August every year.
    Under special circumstances, the exhibition hall may be booked without an application. However, such cases must be reviewed and approved by our bureau.
  4. Review methods:
    Our team shall perform professional, substantive reviews on the content, quantity, scale, popularity, and social and educational functions proposed in the applications. The team shall not accept proposals that increase our expenditure, and shall determine the venue to be lent based on our bureau’s operational needs.
    Once an application passes the review, our bureau will send a letter to the applicant stating the exhibition period and venue, and whether venue rental fee will be required. For applications that fail to pass the review, our bureau will return the application documents to the applicant.
  5. Please read the “Xinying Cultural Center Art Exhibition Review Guidelines” and “Xinying Cultural Center Art Exhibition Operation Guidelines” on this website.
  1. Application and review periods: Performing art venue booking applications for the first and second half of the following year are open in March and September of the current year, respectively. An application team is formed and the applications reviewed in April and October of the current year, respectively.
  2. Performance dates: Once an application has been approved, we will communicate with the performance group to determine the performance period.
  3. Please read the “Guidelines for Submitting Performing Art Applications to the Xinying Cultural Center, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government” on this website

We welcome everyone to purchase a ticket to watch our performances. However, to maintain a high-quality theater environment, please follow the following instructions:

  1. To protect the intellectual property rights of the performance creators, we prohibit our audience from taking photographs as well as recording videos and sounds during the performances.
  2. Cell phone use is not allowed during the performances. Please turn your cell phones to silent or vibrate to prevent the sounds and screen light from negatively affecting the audience and performers.
  3. No eating and drinking are allowed inside the auditorium, and all food and beverages (including water) are to be stored inside the lobby lockers.
  4. Please dress neatly inside. For safety reasons, please do not wear slippers.
  5. Do not talk, make noises, or engage in behavior that may affect others during the performances.
  6. For your own safety, please do not run and play inside the Performance Hall
  7. Giving flowers to performers on stage is not allowed. Please give the flowers to our staff when entering the Performance Hall; our staff will forward them to the performers backstage.
  8. If you are late or have left in the middle of the performances and wish to re-enter, please follow our staff’s instructions and wait for entry/re-entry. Do not enter without permission. If you are leaving in the middle of the performances, please bring your ticket stub with you and present this ticket stub when re-entering.
  9. If you engage in behavior that has negatively affected others and do not stop such behavior when repeatedly advised to do so by our staff, our staff will ask you to leave.
  10. Please cherish and do not damage and destroy the facilities and equipment inside the Performance Hall. Those who fail to do so will be required to compensate for the damages created and bear relevant legal responsibilities.
  11. If you have any questions or need help after entering the Performance Hall, please speak to our staff.
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