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Latest Update : 2022-10-12


According to the “Constructing County/City Cultural Center” project proclaimed by the Ministry of Education in Jan. 1979, the No. 5 Proposed Park Construction Site was chosen as the site for Xinying Cultural Center.

The ground-breaking and construction began in 1981; it was completed, as well as opened, on Oct. 8, 1983. The engineering of interior facilities of the Music Hall was begun on Aug. 12, 1985 and officially put into use on April 19, 1986.

With the subsidy from the Council for Cultural Affairs in 2010, the front building structure, performance facilities, and exhibition space of the Xinying Cultural Center were renovated and later reopened in June 2011. From 2013 to 2015, the Music Hall was refurbished by improving the professional theater level lighting, audio equipment, backstage space, and seats. The hall entrance was expanded and extended to the hall waiting space, and plaza scenery and night lighting were added. The hall was renamed the “Xinying Cultural Center Performance Hall” in the hope of transforming the center into the highlight of the Xinying Art Park, using the brand new space of the center to offer visitors high-quality art services.

Xinying Cultural Center
Status Change
Opening Ceremony of Tainan County Cultural Center
Opening Ceremony of Cultural Affairs Department, Tainan County
Reconstituted and renamed Cultural Affairs Department, Tainan County Government
Reconstituted and renamed Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan County Government
Promoted and renamed Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government
Dec. 25
Due to the county-city merger, Xinying Cultural Center was established as a second-level institute under the governance of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government
Jan. 1
Due to organizational adjustment, the Center established the Minjhih Cultural Center Management Divison and has been operated under its governance.

Organizational structure
Minjhih Cultural Center Management Division

Team 1 duties
*    Manage visual art-related operations.
*    Provide book reading and circulation services and promote reading.
*    Manage and use collections.
*    Edit and release art monthly magazines, promotional materials, and publications as well as create art designs.
*    Organize various art workshops, cultural lectures, holiday parent-child activities, and art workshop marketing, promotion, and services.

Team 2 duties
*    Manage operations such as performing arts and art festivals.
*    Enrich, run, and manage cultural exhibition space.
*    Rent, run, and maintain halls; maintain various equipment including electromechanical equipment; ensure safety; and clean.
*    Handle administrative operations such as paperwork, general affairs, cashier-related affairs, small purchases, property-related affairs, information-related affairs, and attendance management.
*    Xinying Cultural Center Volunteer service-related recruitment, training, and application.

*    Wu Jin-Huai Memorial Hall
*    Liu Chi-hsiang Memorial Hall (some of the hall’s operations have been outsourced)
*    Yongcheng Theater
*    Sanpintaku (Sanpintaku operations have been outsourced)

Cultural Resource Section

*    Manage the museum–local cultural center integration and collaboration platform.
*    Organize Taiwanese cultural festivals such as the Yuejin Lantern Festival and Tainan Pigeon Whistle Culture Festival.
*    Run the Koxinga Museum and Tapani Incident Memorial Park.

Culture Research Section

*    Handle cultural research publication-related matters.
*    Host the Tainan Literature Award and publish related cultural research book series.
*    Run the Yeh-Shyr-Tau Literary Memorial Museum and Ông Io̍k-tek Memorial Museum.
*    Manage Tainan City Zuojhen Fossil Park-related operations.

Contact Information

Xinying Cultural Center
Switchboard:06-6321047 / Fax Number:06-6351846
information desk extension:1111
exhibition-related affairs:1201-1210 / performance-related affairs:1101-1116

Xinying Cultural Center library

Switchboard:06-6376575 / Fax Number:06-6321443

Management Section (Minzhi Cultural Center)

Culture Resource Section
Hotline:06-6321350, 06-6320501

Culture Research Section
Hotline:06-6324453, 06-6325865, 06-6376577

Visiting the Xinying Cultural Center

Xinying Cultural Center

Address:No. 23, Zhongzheng Rd., Xinying Dist., Tainan City

Switchboard:06-6321047, 06-6324116



Visiting the Xinying Cultural Center

By train

Take the train and get off at the Xinying Railway Station; and take the taxi or walk along Sanmin Rd. to the cultural center. The cultural center is approximately a 15-minute walk from the railway station.

By bus

Take the Yellow Line, Yellow 6, Yellow 6-1 Rural LOHAS bus, Yellow 7, or Yellow 9 bus and get off at the Xinying Cultural Center bus stop.

By car

National Freeway 1
Get off at the Xinying Interchange and take Fuxing Rd. driving in the direction of the city; turn left on Minzhi Rd.; and turn right on Zhongzheng Rd. to arrive at the cultural center in approximately 5 minutes.

National Freeway 3

Get off at Baihe Interchange and drive in the direction of the Xinying Dist., passing though Provincial Highway 1; continue on Changrong Rd.; and turn left on Zhongzheng Rd. to arrive at the cultural center.

Get off at the Liujia Interchange and drive in the direction of the Xinying Dist., passing through Provincial Highway 1 to arrive at Liuying; and pass through Yanping Rd., Minquan Rd., Sanmin Rd., and Zhongzheng Rd. to arrive at the cultural center.

Vehicles can be parked at Xinying Nanying Green City Underground Parking Lot (paid parking; enter from Zhongzheng Rd.)

By taxi

Fare is negotiable; we suggest you negotiate with the driver before getting into taxi.

Traffic landmarks

Nanying Green City Park, Sinying Elementary School, and Bank of Taiwan Hsinying Branch

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