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1. Application/review: Application begins in late April and Oct./A review panel will be formed for the application review in May and Nov. 2. Performance date: For those who make applications and receive an ...<More>
1. Application: Please file the application two years prior to the scheduled exhibition date; application should be sent in October of every year. 2. Application method: Fill in the Tainan City Xinying Cult...<More>
1. Please call the Center to confirm venue availability before filing a written application. After receiving the application, the Center will reply to the applicant within ten days. 2. The leasing fee is ch...<More>
Please refer to the following website for the Borrowing Rules: http://www.tnml.tn.edu.tw/portal_w1.php?button_num=w1<More>
Please refer to the following website for Library Card Application: http://www.tnml.tn.edu.tw/portal_w1.php?button_num=w1<More>